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Complete CARE Package For Worry-Free Hearing Aids

The goal of our Complete CARE Package (CCP) is to provide 100% worry-free service from your hearing aids. We know that advanced digital hearing instruments are a significant investment and we want you to be sure that your investment is protected.

We provide the following services, maintenance and repairs with the purchase of your hearing aids:

  • A 75-day trial period for all advanced technology hearing aids, to make sure your investment lives up to your expectations.
  • Free office visits. (Office visits must be scheduled, but we will always work you in within one or two days if your hearing aids malfunctions.)
  • Hearing aid cleanings.
  • Wax filter and/or tubing changes.
  • In-house repairs.
  • A 3-year supply of batteries, or 40 batteries per hearing aid per year, a value of approximately $240.
  • A 3-year factory repair warranty.
  • A 3-year warranty for loss or damage (deductible applies).

The CCP is included in the purchase price on all digital instruments except economy line hearing aids.

Any and all factory repairs are covered under the CCP. On average, a custom hearing instrument goes back to the factory for repair once within the first three years. Without warranty coverage, this can cost you $225 to $275 out of pocket.

The CCP offers three-year insurance against lost or damaged instruments. Like most insurance coverage, there is a deductible, which increases as the instruments get older. The deductible in the first year is $200 per instrument, $350 per instrument in the second year, and $500 per instrument in the third year. Even with the deductible, the savings versus purchasing a new hearing aid is substantial. (This policy is good for one-time replacements only.)

The CCP does NOT cover hearing tests, wax removal from the ear canals, or reprogramming after the first year.

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