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There are many different styles of hearing aids available. They differ in size, performance and cost. Hearing aid prices range from about $1250 per instrument for our economy line, to over $3000 per instrument for some special application instruments. Average price nationally (and in our office) is about $2000 per instrument.

Our computer based Lifestyle Analysis helps determine the level of technology best suited to the listening situations our patients are likely to experience. The audiologist or licensed hearing aid specialist on staff will help you find the hearing aid that is most suitable for your cosmetic, hearing and budget preferences.

Workers Compensation and many United Mine Workers policies cover the cost of hearing aids and related services. Medicare, Medicaid, PEIA and most commercial insurances do not cover hearing aids or related expenses.

When considering the purchase of hearing aids, remember the following:

  • You will need follow up service, both during the adjustment period and for maintenance.
  • Make sure your dispenser has a full time office, staffed full time by someone licensed and trained to fit and repair hearing aids.
  • Make sure you purchase hearing aids from a professional you can count on to be there when you need him/her. An established practice is more likely to be there for you in the future than a dispenser who is new to the area or only available part time.

It does not cost more to see a trained and well equipped audiologist than a less established dispenser. Our costs are competitive with and often lower than our competitors for similar style hearing aids.

Find out about our Complete CARE Package for 100% worry-free hearing aid service.

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