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Alan Desmond, AuD continues to represent the American Academy of Audiology at the American Medical Association, and has traveled this year to Los Angeles and Chicago for meetings. In 2010 he represented the profession of audiology on a multi-specialty panel and co-wrote the Clinical Practice Guideline for BPPV. He recently co-taught a 2 day course on management of vestibular disorders in Charlotte, with Dr. Joel Goebel, a renowned Otologist from Washington University of St. Louis. In 2013, he completed a series of lectures for Carolinas Health Care systems, the largest hospital chain in the southeast.

Dr. Desmond’s most recent publication, an updated second edition of his best selling text book, Vestibular Function: Clinical and Practice Management was released by Thieme Medical Publishers in 2011.

He writes a weekly article for the popular educational website


Sharon Jividen, MS, attended a 3 day course in Playa del Carmen, Mexico to learn the latest techniques in hearing aid fitting and hearing aid technology.


Holly Meadows, BC-HIS, attended a 2 day course in Orlando on Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aid technology, and has taken several classes on current successful hearing aid fitting techniques.

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